Research Team

Kimberly Zarecor (PI)
Iowa State University
Professor of Architecture

Marwan Ghandour
Louisiana State University
Professor & Director, School of Architecture

Sara Hamideh
Stony Brook University (formerly of Iowa State University)
Assistant Professor of Coastal Resilience

David Peters
Iowa State University
Associate Professor of Sociology and Extension Rural Sociologist

Eric Davis
Industry (formerly of Iowa State University)

Graduate Research Assistant:
Ahmed Elsherif (Sustainable Environments, 2017-2018)

Undergraduate Research Assistants:
Anna Busch (Community & Regional Planning, 2018-2019)
Hannah Fisher (Agriculture & Society, 2017-2018)
Matthew Lechowicz (Architecture, 2017-2018)
James Weatherly (Community & Regional Planning, 2017-2019)